Courting Danger

Courting Danger (Blood and Forest Book 4)

book cover for Courting Danger by Raven Stone

Holding my breath…

John’s insisted I have guards again. Real guards.

I know he’s right. I know this is an uncertain time. I’m holding my breath, waiting to announce the Council to the Court, waiting for the end of Fiona’s novenship.

All the while dread slowly spreads through me, like cracks forming in ice.

I know something’s coming.

My guards, and friends, are scared of Rohan. John sees Elodie, and others of the Court, as threats. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

And more importantly, can I stop what ever’s about to go wrong?

Courting Danger is a bisexual paranormal vampire romance and includes MF, MM, and MFM love. It’s the fourth book in the Blood and Forest series.