Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight (Kingdom of Blood and Forest Book 1)

book cover for Vampire Knight by Raven Stone

Six dead vampires. One plea for help.

It’s not every night that a Hunter taunts a Vampire King, much less one of the most powerful vampires in the world. But the evidence sits spread before me in six silver tins, filled with the ashes of vampires.

It’s more than a raised middle finger. Because nestled in the last tin is a handwritten note with one word.


Everything about this case is curious. Dangerous. Strange.

And it sets the Hunter deep within me on fire.

I’ve buried that part of me ever since I became a vampire. Now my Hunter is rising to the surface. In fact, this case is bringing up my past, and every one of my issues.

My desire for King Gabriel.

My lost love, Orleande.

The vampire within me that I’ve ignored and starved.

And my Hunter. Coldly calculating, and desperate for a good Hunt.

I don’t know who this Hunter is, any more than I know who I am.

But both of us are going to find out.

And it may kill one of us.

Vampire Knight is a paranormal romance flirting with an urban fantasy. This book includes a Hunter turned vampire, a bite of a friends to lovers MM romance, a drop of a second chance MF romance, and a bisexual vampire who won’t have to choose. This is the first book in the Kingdom of Blood and Forest series. Please note: some scenes overlap with ones in The Craving, but are told from a different POV.