Temptation (Blood of the Fallen Book 2)

book cover for Temptation by Raven Stone

A vampire court is one of the most dangerous places I know, but I’ll walk into one for Degarr.

Except when I get there, Court isn’t Court. And King Gabriel is unlike any other king I’ve ever met.

And then there’s the white wolf.

Grumpy doesn’t begin to cover it. Apparently I live to piss this man off. Unfortunately, Gideon doesn’t have the same effect on me. Quite the opposite.

He sets me on fire. Leaves me wanting things the innocent people of this place might not understand.

But Gideon’s been screwed over and left hurting by someone else.

This wolf is temptation itself.

But the things I want with him? I can never have.

This is the second book in the series Blood of the Fallen. If you like challenges, you can read it on its own. Otherwise please start with Fallen for the best enjoyment and understanding.