Fallen (Blood of the Fallen Book 1)

book cover for Fallen by Raven Stone

He will be mine.

Aleric came to my town with evil on his mind. I know it. I just have to prove it.

When my investigation leads to a man tied up in a warehouse in a rather unique state, I realize I’ve found the key. I know Aleric wants the handsome human, so I claim Owen for myself. I also place him under my protection, even though I know Aleric will be coming for him. In fact, I’m counting on it.

Aleric, out of control, will give me exactly what I need to put him away.

Unfortunately, my captain has a few choice words about what I’ve done. He insists that I call my old friend, John Degarr, for help.

I haven’t talked to Degarr in a long time, and the sound of his voice brings the memories rushing back. Degarr saved me. He changed my life forever. And now, as our vampire king’s Head of Security, he has the power to help me again.

I’ve also wanted him for years.

So it’s probably forgivable that I don’t put up too much of a fight when he says he’s coming to help me in person, instead of over the phone.

And after all, nothing’s really changed. In spite of the rumors, I know Degarr is straight. He’s still the same man who turned me down years ago. Nothing will happen between us.


Fallen is a slow burn paranormal romance featuring a bisexual vampire with multiple love interests, a gay human caught in the wrong place for the right reasons, and a couple of vampires with plans of their own.