His Secret

His Secret (A Standalone)

book cover for His Secret by Raven Stone

After four years, Nicola means so much more to me than a boss, but that’s all we are. Boss. Employee. And I can’t take it anymore. I’m taking a transfer and moving to the same city as Micah, my vampire friend with benefits.

In a perfect world I would get to see both of them, but we all know this world is far from perfect.

I know I have an unusual relationship with my personal assistant. I don’t care, as long as I stay in Andy’s boundaries. I don’t want him to ever feel forced. So I let him take the lead, even when I want more.

Until I get a text telling me Andy got a transfer.

I’m out of time.

I would give Andy the world, if I could.

But I know that one night he’ll leave me. It’s how things work between humans and vampires. It’s not his fault.

I also know he’s in love with his boss, Nicola.

So I can’t give Andy the world, but maybe there is one thing I can give him.

Previously published as His Secret on Kindle Vella.