how to overcome writer's block

Writer’s Block: How to Overcome It

how to overcome writer's block

Have you ever struggled with writer’s block? I know I have. It’s a common problem for writers, and it ranges from staring at a stupid, blinking cursor on a blank page to writing different variations of the same paragraph over and over. And if it’s happened to you, you know how unpleasant it can be.

So, what are some ways that you can get over writer’s block?

First, try to figure out why you’re blocked right now.


Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Trying to make the words flow out of your fingertips perfectly?

Or have you decided you’re going to write YOUR NOVEL that will make you a BESTSELLING AUTHOR, and now you’re locked up?

If you said yes, then try these:

  • Just start writing, even if you know it’s awful while you’re writing it. It’s okay to write and throw out entire scenes – the key is to start writing, without any judgement.
  • Start writing every day. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes, even if it’s crap, just write.
  • Are you writing a scene, and then editing it before you’ve finished your first draft? Stop! Just write. Make your first draft rough, raw, and unedited.


Did you start writing, and your mind feels like you’re trying to walk through knee-deep mud with a two-hundred-pound backpack? Or, have you read the same paragraph five times in the last ten minutes?

If you said yes, then try this:

I hereby give you – the writer – permission to take a break. Even if this is the only time you have all week to write. Sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with our ambition, drive, and desires. In that case, give you and your body a break, and get some rest. You’ll feel much better the next time you try to write.


Do you feel like all of your creativity has dried up? You can’t think of any interesting plot lines, stories, or characters? Or, you have a scene planned out, and when you try to write it, it comes out as exciting as staring at a rock for five hours?

If so, try these:

Feed the muse. Watch some TV shows or a movie. Seriously. I find that watching something fantasy related works best for me, but you might find that a detective show or a cooking show works best for you. Give yourself the one or two hours to watch the show, and then try writing again. This one has really helped me!

Read a book in your genre. Read a little bit every day, or read a book in a day each week. I’ve found this helps refill my creativity well, helps me relax, and reminds me of the favorite tropes and themes for my genre.

Talk a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, or a fast one. A leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, where you let yourself wander, can do wonders. One good example of this is Stephen King – he came up with the idea for Pet Sematary while crossing the street. Of course, not everyone crosses the road to come up with ideas for bestselling novels, but it’s worth a try. 😊

Write something else. Give yourself permission to write something that isn’t a part of your current WIP. Grab a writing prompt from Pinterest (check out my Writing Prompts board) and go for it.


Every writer has writer block at some point. The key is to figure out what’s behind your block, and address that issue. Or, just try some of the suggestions above and see what helps. 😉 Either way, don’t give up. Keep writing!